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In-Home Lactation Consulting Services

Lactation consultations are crucial in the success of your feeding journey.

Whether it is to discuss latch, supply, illness, pumping, weaning, or trauma; seeking guidance from a board certified in-home lactation consultant can be the missing link in helping you reach your goals when it comes to feeding your child.

Lactation Consulting Services

An initial lactation consultation is up to 90 minutes in duration and may include a detailed assessment of your history as it relates to lactation, an assessment of your current situation and past experience, and a detailed assessment & questionnaire of your child's birth & life history up to our appoint. Consultations also include...

Observation of a feeding

Pre and post feeding weight with specialized newborn scale

Assistance with breast pump & breast pump flange fitting

Counseling on bottle feeding and/or refusal

Curated referrals of trusted providers if needed

Personalized lactation plan for your specific feeding goals

A SuperBill for potential reimbursement from your insurance

24 hours of follow up email support

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Follow-Up Lactation Consultations

Follow-up lactation consultations are frequently needed due to the ever evolving nature of breastfeeding. These visits will include an updated care plan, an updated assessment of your child, and documents for physician and reimbursement if requested. These in-home visits are up to 1 hour in duration.

Prenatal Lactation Consultation

To really "get off on the right foot," I highly encourage a prenatal lactation consultation. This appointment includes an assessment history of lactating parent, discussing of feeding goals, what to expect in the first days, education on breast pump, and a personalized plan for follow-up. Prenatal consultations are up to 1 hour.

If you are not pre-approved through The Lactation Network, out of pocket costs are as follows:

  • Initial In-Home Lactation Consultations: $175 — includes 24 hours of secure portal communication support after your appointment
  • Initial Lactation Consultation Virtual: $150
  • Prenatal Consultation: $150
  • Follow-Up In Home Lactation Consultation: $150
  • Follow-Up Virtual Lactation Consultation: $125 — please note, virtual follow-ups may not always be the right fit depending on the issues we're working through together.
  • Surcharge for twins / multiples: $50 per additional child
  • Travel Expense: $25 — for homes and locations further than 20 miles from my location in Mechanicsville, VA

I'm proud to offer direct insurance coverage through The Lactation Network

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For self-pay clients that wish to book a prenatal and initial in-home lactation consultation, you may choose the Nurtured Start Package. Included is a full prenatal lactation consultation (either in-home or virtual) as well as a full initial in-home lactation consultation one baby has arrived. A travel fee will still be required when applicable. $300 is due at the time of prenatal appointment booking.

Hey there, I'm Sarah! Your In- Home Lactation Consultant.

As a mom, I believe that knowledge of options, risks, benefits, and real expectations is what sets families up for success. With a background as a registered nurse and the specialized training of a doula, I believe in combining an understanding of the science, biological ability, and individual nuance that is feeding your newborn.

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"Sarah changed our entire breastfeeding journey!"

After tongue and lip ties and difficulty latching which resulted in triple feeding and being told we’d done all we could, we had transitioned to exclusive pumping, which was taking a huge toll on my mental health and I was considering giving it up all together. A friend recommended Sarah to me and I reached out as a last resort. She was such an empathetic listener, completely non-judgemental, incredibly encouraging, and super hands on in helping me figure out how to get a good latch - things no one else had taken the time to do. Three weeks later and we are nursing full time! Our family is so thankful we found Sarah and would recommend her to anyone struggling with any aspect of breastfeeding.

—Kind words from CJ

"She took time to listen with compassion and empathy."

After struggling with breastfeeding and having multiple bouts of mastitis, I reached out to Sarah to help me with the weaning process. What I appreciated most about Sarah is that she took the time to listen to my story and concerns with such compassion and empathy, and there was never any pressure to keep breastfeeding when it wasn't working for me and my family. She put together a detailed care plan that took the guesswork out of this process and she made sure I felt supported through multiple follow up emails and meetings. It's been an emotional journey and it has made a world of difference to have someone on my side.

—Kind words from R.K.

"Sarah was such a gift in my breastfeeding journey!"

I struggled from the beginning with supply issues and Sarah was the first person I'd seen who didn't make me feel inadequate. She was encouraging, kind and loved on my little boy whenever we met. Sarah provided me with realistic, helpful information that aided in feedings for my son. She listened compassionately and left me feeling equipped with what I needed to know as I combo fed (breastfed & formula) my little guy. I truly can't recommend her enough.

—Kind words from O.M.

"It's hard to put into words how incredible Sarah is."

I contacted her in my hazy, first few weeks postpartum. I reached out for help with nursing, but little did I know she would help me with SO much more. Sarah met with me in my home multiple times. If I needed her, she was there the next day. If she couldn’t be there the next day, we talked through my questions via email. Being newly postpartum is a vulnerable period in a woman’s life and during our appointments together, Sarah made me feel so safe, heard, and supported. She helped me reach my goals and adapted her care as my goals changed. She was one of my biggest cheerleaders and I will never be able to express how much she means to me!

—Kind words from Nicole

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Find your perfect balance for a personalized and nurtured newborn feeding journey with in-home lactation consulting services.

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