Childbirth education classes in Richmond, VA

Private Childbirth Classes

The goal...for you to have the best childbirth experience possible.

Whether you want a medication-free labor at a birth center or an epidural at a local hospital, the goal of private childbirth classes is to ensure you have the birth you want. By teaching all of the facts and options available, you'll find your perfect balance for a personalized nurtured birth.

Private childbirth education classes offer a true nonjudgemental approach to childbirth and the postpartum period, available in the Richmond, VA area or virtually. These classes are ideal for families who prefer a more private and personalized experience.

Private Childbirth Classes

Our private childbirth classes will cover a wide range of topics. We'll discuss the normal process of labor from beginning to end. You'll understand the stages of labor, how your body works to prepare and process through labor, as well as how labor may sound or feel. You and your partner will learn comfort measures and master labor positions. We'll also discuss common interventions and family-centered cesareans.

I come to you and your support person of choice

Class is held in your home, or virtually

You'll be equipped with skills and evidence-based knowledge

Childbirth education materials and tools for labor are provided

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Hey there, I'm Sarah— Your certified childbirth educator

As a mom, I believe that knowledge of options, risks, benefits, and real expectations is what sets families up for success. With a background as a registered nurse and the specialized training of a doula, I believe in combining an understanding of the science, biological ability, and individual nuance that is the gift of childbirth.

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Certified to teach childbirth education through Lamaze International and Childbirth International.

"I would highly recommend Sarah's birthing classes!"

Sarah came to our house for two birthing classes and was a breath of fresh air! I was feeling anxious and unsure about so many things regarding labor, our birth plan and preparing for our first baby in general. Sarah was so knowledgeable about pregnancy, labor, interventions and postpartum. My husband and I were really able to come up with a birth plan, knew what questions to ask our doctor, and over all felt so much more at ease.

—Kind words from C.S.

"My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our classes!"

Sarah has a way of making you feel extremely comfortable from the start and throughout the classes. No matter what birth plan you choose, she gives you great (non judgmental) advice and exercises to make that you feel comfortable and prepared for your delivery. She also is a big advocate of being YOUR OWN advocate during the birthing process as well as post-delivery. I felt way more empowered to voice my wishes and needs with my doctors and nurses. Sarah even took the extra step to follow up with me and my family post-birth. She is truly invested in you and your journey. I can't recommend her enough to anyone who is expecting and looking for a wonderful class to prepare you for parenthood and beyond!

—Kind words from Cara

"Sarah is amazing and has found her calling!"

She is so knowledgeable on any all things baby. Her delivery is kind, honest and always non judgmental. She taught me and my husband so much from her class. We used all the tools she shared with us during my labor and it very much so made a difference and was very helpful! Sarah is passionate and it shines through that she truly cares about you!

—Kind words from Nicole

"Undoubtably the most positive experience..."

Our experience working with Sarah was undoubtably one of the most positive experiences on our newborn journey. Her hands-on help was extremely informative and she provided numerous strategies to address the ongoing challenges we were experiencing. She was always very quick to respond after our sessions, as we always managed to think of lots of additional questions after we were done. She was also very helpful in providing outstanding resources for additional support. We ultimately decided exclusive pumping was the best for our family, and Sarah was essential in getting everyone set up for a successful pumping journey, which we are happily continuing on today! We feel so fortunate to have worked with her and we highly recommend working with Sarah!

—Kind words from Jane

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Through private childbirth classes, you'll find your perfect balance for a personalized and nurtured birth experience.

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