Together, I believe we can create a plan to help you achieve the experience you want in both childbirth and feeding your baby.

(while nurturing YOU too!)

Hey there, I'm Sarah!

Board Certified Lactation Consultant

After my own experiences as an RN and a new mother, I felt a strong pull to shift my life towards supporting other women and learning how to best do so in our current culture. I dove head (and heart!) first into maternity care, became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC Lactation Consultant), and I have never felt more "me" in my work.

The most impactful way for me to achieve that is offering in-home lactation consulting services and private childbirth classes. This allows me to combine the passion I have for science from my RN background and my love of childbirth and breastfeeding.

My ultimate goal as a Board certified lactation consultant is to support mothers & families.

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I believe my training as a certified postpartum doula and childbirth educator brings a different side to lactation care. I'm able to balance the clinical side with the nurturing side, allowing mothers like you to trust your instincts. I firmly believe in the science and research of lactation and childbirth, but I also believe in mothers and the natural rhythms of biology just as much.

A Personalized and Nurturing State of Care

The perfect blend of crunchy and scientific

Lactation Services

I want you to feel nurtured, cared for, supported, and heard as you navigate the end of your pregnancy and first year postpartum.

As a board certified lactation consultant

Childbirth Classes

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